As cabin crew we spend so much time away from home, our team becomes our family. That's why it's important to call for change. You can end discriminatory practices, unfair dismissals, and threatening surveillance that generates a culture of fear- submit your story and help us make Qatar Airways a company you can be really proud to work for.

With your story, you can really make a difference. Your stories have helped Qatar Airways to relax controversial policies; now cabin crew cannot be sacked if they became pregnant, instead they are told to apply to temporary ground jobs.

These stories all come from real people who have got in contact after living the Qatar Airways experience. Have you got a story too? Tell your story

All names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved

“Nobody wants to work or live in a culture of fear - to be harassed, bullied or unjustly treated or to have to abide by regulations dictating women crew must only be picked up by their father, brother or husband."

"All cabin crew live in company accommodations and cannot move out. There are cameras in every building and security guard watching everything you do, and the only way to go in or out of your accommodation is by swiping your ID card otherwise the doors won't open, this way they can keep track of the exact times when you leave or come in. I believe this is very dangerous specially in case of a fire. Many people get sacked daily for many stupid reasons such as posting a picture with your uniform, from a flight or your accommodation, having tattoos, posting pictures on your Facebook with drinks, cigarettes, I know several girls who got fired for having pictures on bikini while at the beach, and for many other reasons you will never believe."

"Getting fired is easy. There was a period about eight months ago when four staff housing buildings were more or less emptied. Every time you were hanging out with another stewardess, mobile phones kept ringing: she's off, now she's off. I was talking to a friend one day when six of the girls in her building had been fired in the same week."

"A colleague and friend of mine had an abortion because she was afraid of losing her job. When even someone just suspects that you might be pregnant, you're out”

"It was inhumane. I went to the airport without eating, without showering, and only with the clothes on my back."