Living the dream at Qatar Airways?

We know that working for Qatar Airways is no five-star dream - despite what they say when they recruit you.

We are cabin crew who have worked for Qatar Airways or who have family and friends who work there.**

We want better conditions for Qatar Airways workers.

The airline relies on nobody speaking about the surveillance, the unjust conditions for women, the unfair dismissals and the climate of fear and control.

But the more people tell their story, the easier it will be for all at Qatar Airways. Help us improve conditions for all.

Watch this video about current conditions at Qatar Airways. 

Sound familiar? Head to stories to share your experience. No matter how big or small, this is important; it counts towards driving change across the industry. 

Together we can change work conditions for both male and female employees at Qatar Airways.

This is not enough; we need to unite in our efforts to continue to call for Qatar Airways to create a better work place for the future of the aviation industry and to protect individuals.
Join the many who have taken part so far and share your story now.

** We have been working with a group of trade unions linked to the International Transport Workers’ Federation, who also want better conditions in Qatar Airways.